The past few years have been tumultuous and challenging for TEC as a ministry. In November of 2015 the TEC council undertook the task of re-imagining what TEC could look like in our ever changing culture. After spending a year as council dismantling and rebuilding this retreat ministry with utmost intentionality, we were still unable to reach enough people to successfully host a retreat. We had to cancel another retreat we were confronted with the realization that maybe change wasn't enough. It is after much prayer and with heavy hearts that we are announcing the MMLTEC Council's decision to disband this ministry.

We share in your sadness that this is the point we are at, however we also find joy in the relationships, memories, and encounters with Christ we shared. These retreats may not happen again or there may be a time when a need for this ministry reappears. We don't know what the future holds but we know the One who does. As Pastor John has reminded us on so many retreats, "Jesus shows up." Jesus shows up at your church. Jesus shows up in your home. Jesus shows up in your school. Jesus shows up in your life and the lives of others when we are his hands and feet. He shows up when we take the love, grace, and mercy he has shared with us and we let it overflow in our world. I take heart in knowing that TEC or no TEC, He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. I thank God for all of the lives that this ministry touched and that He called us to play a part in it. I thank Jesus for the friendships, the relationships, the memories, and for always showing up.

You may be wondering... Does this really end with a facebook post? The answer is: we hope it doesn't. We hope that this page can continue to be a connection and a place to share our lives together. Over the coming months the websites will expire and disappear, and the stuff that we've accumulated will be donated to other ministries. We will be planning a worship event this summer so that we can raise our voices together once more. Our hope is that this will be a time give thanks for the ministry of TEC in our lives and to look to the future with hope and excitement for new opportunities to experience Christ.

We'll post here when we have some dates for the worship time; we sincerely hope that you will join us.

In His unfathomable and everlasting peace,
Jason Waldron and Kate Wells on behalf of the MMLTEC Council